ZTE ZXHN H108N Default Router Login – A Guide

You can get access to your ZTE ZXHN H108N, only after knowing the IP address and the correct username and password combination of your router device. Once you have access to all this information, logging in becomes extremely simple. Try looking for these details in the instruction manual provided along with the router at the time of purchase. The instruction manual carries all the details about your router.  You will surely find all the required details in it. But reading the whole manual can be tiresome, especially when you have to go through each line to find those details. If you’re in search of some alternative methods to get the details of your ZTE ZXHN H107N router, you are at the right place.

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The IP Address Of Your ZTE ZXHN H108N Router Device

In the case of a Windows device

Step 1: Open your Windows device and press the “Window” key and “R” key together. This will initiate a command to your device and a prompt will appear on your screen with the heading “Run” on it.

Step 2: On the blank space provided on the prompt screen next to “Open” type cmd and press the enter key.

cmd run
Run cmd

Step 3: Another minimised tab will be opened on the screen. Input the command “ipconfig.”

ipconfig cmd huawei router ip
Type ipconfig on CMD

Step 4: All the details will be displayed on your screen. Note down the series of numbers mentioned against the Default Gateway. Default Gateway is nothing but the IP address of the device through which your system or the device is connected with the Internet.

ipconfig cmd enter huawei router ip
Press enter

Note: Make sure you are using the internet connection through your ZTE ZXHN H108N Router while checking for the IP address. If you use any other medium for the Internet connection, you will get the IP address of the other device and not your router.

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If you go through the Internet you will find a list of different Default IP addresses that are generally used by your Router company as their login IP. You can even try logging in through one of these IP addresses, in case it works for you. We have mentioned those Default IP addresses below: 

One of the above-mentioned IP addresses most probably will be the login IP address of your ZTE ZXHN H108N Router device.

Now that we have the Login IP address of the router device we can now try to login into the web-based user interface of the router. One more requirement is still left to fulfil. We need the correct username and password combination so that we will be able to log in.

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Find Username And Password

In the same instruction manual, we will also find the default username and ZTE ZXHN H108N default password combination required to login into the router. If you don’t want to go through the manual, you may even find it written on the router.

Most routers including the ZTE ZXHN H 108N, have it pasted or imprinted on it either on the base of the router or at the back of the router. 

If even after entering the correct default username and password you are unable to log in, then this means your password had been changed previously and now the new password needs to be entered so that you can log in.

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What To Do In Case You Forget Your Password?

 If even multiple efforts, you are unable to remember your old password then the only option that is left with you is to reset the router back to its default factory settings.

Reset Router

To reset the router, look for a small hole like thing on your router device, this is the reset button. Get a toothpick or a pen through which you can insert into the reset button and press the button. Hold the button for 30 seconds and then the router will be automatically reset.

Reset Button
Reset Button on a Router

Resetting can be a tricky option because everything will fall back to its default settings and not just the ZXHN H108N V2.5 default password, your internet connection may also get affected if the configuration and setup get reset. It is therefore advisable to proceed through this step only if you have enough knowledge about the technical things or you can even take the help of an expert or technician to avoid any disturbance. 

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Default Username And Password Combinations

Most people don’t really change their ZXHN H108N V2.5 username and password because there arises no need to access the web-based user interface for them. Once installed, during the setup process they hardly even login into the page to alter any settings.

Some commonly used Username and Password combinations for the ZTE ZXHN H108N are mentioned below:

Username Password
admin admin
user user
(blank) admin
user (blank)
1admin0 ltecl4r0
cytauser cytauser
(blank) attadmin
admin password
attadmin attadmin
3play 3play
(blank) (blank)
(blank) password
admin bayandsl
HPN (blank)
(blank) smartbro
Administrator admin
mtn admin

How To Login Into The ZTE ZXHN H108N Router?

You will need internet connecting devices such as a smartphone, or tablets or laptops or a Computer for logging into the ZTE ZXHN H108N router.

Connect your device with the Internet. Connect using the Ethernet or LAN cable with any of the ports provided on the router and connect it with the system.

Open a browser.

Type http://(IP address of the router) for example and press enter.

After being redirected into the login page, enter the details required such as the username and ZTE ZXHN H108N password of the router and then click on the login button or press the enter key.

ZTE ZXHN H108N Login
ZTE ZXHN H108N Login

Upon entering the correct details you will be logged in directly to the homepage of your router. Now you can view all the details as well as make any changes to the existing settings.

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This is it about the ZTE ZXHN H108N default router login. I hope you found this article fruitful. Feel free to surf through our site to know more about routers and their problems!

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