Western Digital Router Login: How To Do It

It is said that humans utilize not more than 10% of their brain capacity. So that means that all the advancements we see around us today did not require more than a tenth of our brain usage! In addition, one of the biggest advantages these advancements have availed for us is the internet. For instance, the internet helps us carry out billions of tasks every day, from sending a simple email to conducting huge transactions- it has facilitated our lives in every way possible. As a result, with enormous demands come the needs of devices to satisfy the internet speed. One such device is a router. This article will discuss about Western Digital Router login and how to do it without any hassle.

western digital router login
Western Digital Router

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If you have a WD router, you will have a model among one of the following ones:

How to Perform a Western Digital Router Login:

Therefore, it is expected that whenever someone buys a new gadget, they would want to explore its potential and make its best use. In the same way, one might think that a router can only satisfy your internet needs and nothing else. However, there’s more to it! You can modify the name of your Wi-Fi, alter the passcode or even configure parental controls! Also, you can explore through the settings, and you will find a lot more. Anyways, if you want to take advantage of those facilities, you first need to log in. For instance, there are a few easy methods through which you can log onto your Western Digital router. Follow each step carefully, and try out each technique until you get to log in.

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First Method:

This is the least time-consuming method. In other words, you just need to produce the most frequently used combinations of user IDs and passwords. Follow the steps given below to log onto your router’s user page:

  • Firstly, make sure your Western Digital router is connected to your PC properly. They can be connected through the LAN network or even through a wired ethernet connection. Technicians advise that you connect it through the latter setting.
    make sure your router is connected to the pc
    Make sure your router is connected to the PC
  • On properly following the above steps, you will see that the indicators on the outer box will be blinking/turned on. Next, open up a web browser on your PC. Then, carefully enter your Western Digital router’s IP into the URL bar of your web browser. This IP can be anyone among the IPs given above in the table. Now, click ‘enter.’
    enter the ip address
    enter the ip address
  • After performing the steps mentioned above correctly, you will see a login box on your screen. Enter your user ID and passcode here.
    enter your id and passcode
    Enter your ID and passcode

If you do not know the default user ID and passcode combination for your Western Digital router, look at the table given below. These are the most frequently used combinations of default credentials for the Western Digital Routers.


Sr. No. Router Model Names
1. My Net AC Bridge
2. My Net AC1300
3. My Net N600
4. My Net N600 (D2F)
5. My Net N750
6. My Net N900
7. My Net N900 Central
8. My Net N900 Central (1TB)
9. My Net N900 Central (2TB)
10. My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender
11. TV Live Hub
12. WD TV Play


Every router has a default IP. In the same way, a WD router might have one among the following IPs:


Sr. No. Default WD Router IIPs

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Second Method to perform Western Digital Router Login:

The above method involved using the most commonly used credentials for logging in. But for the second method, you just need to locate the user ID at the rear/bottom of the router. They will be written on your router itself or printed on a sticker. After you find them, open a web browser. And then try the login process again as discussed in the first method.

router's ip address
Router’s IP address

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Third Method:

Still not able to log onto your router? Do not worry! It may so have happened that you had changed the credentials of your router once. But you might not be able to recall it as you forgot it over time. It is troublesome to memorize the credentials of all your accounts, so, naturally, you forgot! To log in, all you need to do is reset your router.

Start by locating a tiny hole at the rear end of the router.

Reset Button
Reset Button

Now, find a thin and sturdy tool like a toothpick, keeping in mind it is not very pointed. Now, insert this tool into the hole.

insert the pin
Insert the pin

Hold the button pressed for around thirty seconds. On doing so, you’ll see that the router turns off temporarily, then powers back on by itself, meaning it has been reset.

Once this is done, you can go back to the first method and try logging in again. In addition, you can also change the user ID and the passcode to whatever you want. But this time, make sure you don’t forget them! You can always write them down on a piece of paper or store them as text in your smartphone’s Notes app.


This is everything you need to know about the Western Digital router login. This is useful if you have a router of the same brand and have trouble accessing your IP’s login page. The prerequisite of reading this article is that you do not need to call any technician to help you with logging in.

Western Digital is an American brand with its headquarters in California. It manufactures a wide range of products, including storage devices too! If your router keeps making issues and requires you to repair it often, you can consider replacing it with a new one. 

As mentioned, Western Digital itself has a great catalog of router models to choose from. However, there is so much competition in today’s world that you will find thousands of router brands and models on the internet. Needless to say, each brand and model has something better to offer than one another, that too in every price range you need.

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