Telia Router Login (Complete Guide)

It has been a great deal of time since people would get excited to see simple gadgets or hear someone’s travel stories. I mean, all of those are so common today that you probably have dozens of devices around you, or you travel every other month! It is because today’s world is very developed and equipped with many advanced inventions. Moreover, technology gifted us with one of the most significant inventions of all time- the internet! In a world with almost half its population as smartphone users, the demand for devices that satisfy its internet needs keeps increasing. One such prominent device is the router. So, in this article, we will discuss Telia router login and how to do it.

Telia is a very popular multinational brand that manufactures telecommunication devices. 

Telia Router Login
Telia Router Login

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How to Perform a Telia Router Login

It is common knowledge that one could use a router for more than just satisfying their internet needs. If you were not aware, you should know that you can alter the network name, change the passcode or even set parental controls. However, there are many other facilities too that you can avail of, but to do that, you first need to log onto your Telia router’s IP. Given below are three methods to do the same. Read the steps attentively and follow them.

First Method

This is by far the simplest method. All you need to do is enter the most frequently used combinations of usernames and passwords. But first, you will need to access the Telia Router’s login page. Given below are the steps you need to follow to get into your IP’s user interface.

  • Firstly, make sure your Telia router is connected to your PC. This can be done either over the LAN network or through a wired ethernet connection. But it is preferred to do it in a second way.
    make sure your router is connected to the pc
    Make sure your router is connected to the PC
  • After that, the indicators on the router will be blinking/turned on. Now, open up a web browser on your PC. It can be any web browser of your preference. On doing that, carefully enter your Telia router’s IP into the URL bar.
    enter the ip address
    Enter the IP address

    The default IPs are given in the table below; try all of them. 

Sr. No. Default IP



Then, cross-check if you have entered the digits at the right place, and the periods at the right positions too. Then, select ‘enter.’

  • After doing all that is mentioned above correctly, you will view a login box on your screen. After that, it will ask you to enter the accurate credentials.
    enter your id and passcode
    Enter your ID and passcode


  • In addition, if you do not know the default user ID and passcode combination for your Telia router, there’s no need to worry. Read below:

For instance, given below is a table that shows you the most commonly used credentials for the Telia routers. Enter them carefully, as the passcodes are case-sensitive. Make sure you try each combination until you can log in:


Sr. No. User ID Passcode
1. admin admin
2. admin password
3. admin
4. admin (blank)
5. (blank) admin
6. Administrator (blank)
7. User
8. user password
9. (blank) (blank)
10. admin 1234
11. root
12. Administrator given on the router
13. user VTmgQapcEUaE
14. admin found at the bottom of the router
15. ”blank” (blank)
16. Administrator Blank / given on the router’s Label
17. user (blank)
18. fastweb (blank)
19. admin 4135279
20. Administrator Blank / given on the router
21. root (blank)
22. ‘blank’ ‘blank’

In case this does not work, go to the second method.

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Second Method to perform Telia Router Login:

If none of the combinations given above help, you, then follow the instructions given below.

Likewise, it would help if you looked for the credentials at the rear of the router. They will either be printed on the router itself or a sticker. You can also find them if you find the router’s handbook that you receive after purchasing it. After that, connect your router to the PC and open up a web browser. Furthermore, enter the IP as instructed that will help you in Telia router login.

router's ip address
Router’s IP address

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Third Method

If you have come this far to the third method, it means that the router credentials were once altered by either you or someone else. But you cannot seem to recall them or track them down either! It is pretty normal because memorizing even our social media accounts’ credentials has become a hassle now! So to re-login, you need to reset your router.

Firstly, find a tiny hole at the rear of the router (it is referred to as the reset button).

Reset Button
Reset Button

Now, find a thin but sturdy tool like a toothpick, which fits into that hole. But don’t forget to ensure it is not very pointed either. Then, insert this tool into the hole.

insert the pin
Insert the pin

After that, keep the button pressed for not around twenty to thirty seconds. On doing so, the router will turn off for some time, and then it will switch back on by itself. Furthermore, this indicates that the router has been reset.

Press and hold
Press and hold

Now that the router has been reset, you can log onto your router’s user interface once again. You can either use the most frequently used combinations of user IDs and passcodes (method 1) or enter the credentials printed at the bottom of your router (method 2).

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In conclusion, this article might have helped in the process of Telia Router Login. In fact, every method is a easy to follow. However, if your router gives you some errors, you can check its connection or disable the firewall settings on the PC.

Also, if the router keeps troubling you with errors, you can consider replacing it with a new one. In addition, Telia itself has a wide range of other router models that you can choose from too.

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