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Pathping is one of the best Windows built-in troubleshooting software for networks. It lets you locate a packet loss location in a direction between you and a (server, website, etc.).

What Is Pathping?

When one or more packets of data flowing through a computer network fail to reach their destination, packet loss occurs.

This standard WAN setup shows you two linked sites via a T1 and an ISDN connection. What is interesting to view here is that through the network, there are many routes. A T1 and an ISDN relation exist. Each site links to both technologies. The T1 is the main connection, and in case the primary fails, the ISDN link is the replacement. Since ISDN is a technology that enables you to pay when you use it. It lies dormant until required, is a great technology.

what Is pathping
What Is Pathping

It has a lower transfer speed. However, it’s only for emergencies at the same time. It may be sufficient for essential services. The bandwidth reduction would add more time to cross the network for packets and add congestion. Also, it may delay the flow. Latency calculates how long it takes to get from one place to another for a data packet. Pathping is an excellent test for this part. By sending a test packet that will return, you may determine latency.

Once pathping has completed, you can send the results to support / NOC on a current ticket. You can also create a new support request. However, be sure to include and provide the output of pathping for us to investigate the matter further.

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More On What Is Pathping?

If you were using tracert or traceroute, Pathping would first display your performance, which is a related utility to be discussed in a separate post. In relation to speed, bandwidth consumption, and latency, Tracert will show you the ‘path’ across the network and check connectivity but will not show you how the packet traverses.

The findings are first shown by Pathping as if you were using tracert or traceroute. In relation to speed, bandwidth consumption, and latency, Tracert will show you the path across the network and check communication but will not show you how the packet traverses.


Pathping is made of ping and tracert, combining the features of both into one tool.

The benefits of PathPing over Ping and Traceroute are that each node is pinged as a result of a single instruction. Also, node activity is studied over an extended period of time, rather than the four-message default ping sample or the single route trace default traceroute.

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Ping is a software utility for computer network management used to measure a host’s functionality on an Internet Protocol network.


It is available for nearly all network compatible operating systems, including most embedded applications for network management. 


Tracert is a network diagnostic method used to map the path taken from source to destination by a packet on an IP network in real-time.


It reporting all the routers’ IP addresses in between. Traceroute also tracks the time taken along its journey to the destination for each hop the packet makes. 

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Pathping in Mac

You can look for it in the Applications > Utility folder on your Hard Drive. The command, using Terminal, you are looking for is ‘ traceroute.’ There’s also a nice GUI tool called Network Utility, which has this function.

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Steps To Open

  • Press Windows key + R for the Run Window.
  • Type cmd.
  • Press enter.
  • Type pathping.


The PathPing tool is a tool for route tracing that incorporates Ping and Tracert functionality with additional details given by none of these tools. On the way to the final destination, pingpath sends packets to each router over a span of time. Then computes the outcome based on the packets received from each jump.

Things You Need To Know

Provides data at intermediate hops between a source and destination about network congestion and network failure. This pathping command sends several echo request messages over a period of time to each router between the source and the destination. It then computes the results based on the packets received from each router.

You may estimate which routers or subnets might have network issues since this command shows the degree of packet depletion at any given router or connection. If a ping path executes, the first outcome lists the path. A busy alert then show up (the time varies by hop count). You obtain information during this period from all previously listed routers and the connections between them. The test results show up at the end of this time.

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