How To Do Orbi Admin Login? [Full Guide]

We are a part of a highly technical world where we all are connected through the Internet web. Every sector is either completely dependent on the Internet or is gradually shifting from pen paper-based to entirely computer-based. And with the rise of the Pandemic, connecting via the Internet had become even more important. We are now looking forward to better options of connectivity. Most people use a Router connection at their home and such router is the Orbi router. Eight out of every ten homes have a router connection, and thus, knowing basic things about your router always comes in handy. Read till the last of this article so that you won’t have to contact your agent or an expert technician next time you need to perform Orbi admin login or make some changes to it. You will be able to do that on your own.

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How To Login Into The Orbi Router?

To get access to your Orbi admin login page, you will need certain details. These details include the IP address of your Orbi router and the username and password combination of your router.

The IP Address in the Instruction Manual of your Orbi router. So look in for the IP address in your Instruction manual. But this option can be tiresome since you have to go through the complete manual to search for the IP address. So we have an alternative for you for the Orbi Admin Login for the orbi admin login.

orbi router

But before proceeding with any step, make sure your device is connected to the Internet through an Orbi router (the same router whose IP address you wish to know.) It is advised to connect your system for the Orbi admin login router with the router through the LAN cable instead of connecting it with wireless channels.

Note: This method is specifically for Windows users.

  1. Press Windows + R
  2. This step should open a pop-up window.

open run

3. Type “cmd” into the space provided and hit enter.

run cmd

4. A command prompt will appear on the screen. Type “ipconfig” and press enter.

enter command ipconfig

5. Note down the series of numbers written next to ” Default Gateway.” That number is your IP address.

default gateway

Now, you have the IP address of your Netgear Orbi router. Now you can log in to your Orbi router and finish your Orbi Router Login.

Default IP Address

We have collected different IP Addresses which are commonly used by the Orbi router as its login IP. You can even try using these IP addresses; one among these will surely be your router’s IP address for the orbi admin login.

default ip address

  36. 192,168.1.3

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Orbi Netgear Login

  1. Use a system through which you can be connected to the Internet. You can choose from Laptops, personal computers, and even Smartphones.
  2. Connect your system with the Internet.

Connect using the Orbi Router only, do not use mobile data or any other wireless connection. It advises connecting using the wired network. Connect your system with the router using the LAN cable.

  1. Open any web browser from your system. ( You can choose from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Opera or Internet Explorer )

open a web browser

2. Type the IP address of your router in the address bar of your internet browser to access the web-based user interface of your Orbi Netgear Router.

type ip address in your web browser

3. After entering the IP address and pressing the enter key, you will be automatically redirected to the login page.

4. On the web page, you will see two blank spaces or two empty boxes next to username and password. There you need to enter the correct username and password combination of your router.

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The Default Username And Password Combination

Every router like orbi admin login has a certain common username and password combinations that can be used to Login into the router. Here is a list of such username and password combinations which might be your username and password. You can try these combinations in case you don’t know your username and password.

  1. Username Password
  2. admin password
  3. admin 1234
  4.  password
  5. Comcast 1234
  6. (blank) 1234

Orbi Netgear Default Username And Password

The default username and password are usually mentioned on either the base of the router or at the backside of the router. Or you can even check the instruction manual to get the details. The instruction manual carries all the details related to the router to find the default username and password there for the orbi admin login.

orbi netgear default username and password 

If you have previously changed your password, then using the default password won’t work for you. Instead, you have to log in using the new password.

And if you have forgotten the password, try resetting the router.

Once the router is reset, you can then log in using the default username and password.


So, here are the possible and effective ways for a successful orbi admin login. We hope this article was helpful to you in succesfully performing Orbi router login. Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.

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