Fix Netgear Router Red Light Issue Easily

Netgear is a hardware networking company based in California located in the United States of America. It has offices located in almost thirty countries across the globe. Bay Networks Inc owns the company. It provides storage, security, and network solutions and is one of the best-known router brands in the world. This article will talk about troubleshooting problems like flickering red lights on the router and losing internet connectivity. The Netgear router red light means that there is no signal and hence loss of connectivity which is why you lose internet connection. This article will address those problems and provide solutions to these troubleshooting issues.

Netgear Router
Netgear Router

If you are a Wi-Fi user and face issues with no internet connectivity on devices such as your mobile phones, laptops, PC’sPCs, and AI’s, then there is a problem with your router. Your router has many labels, and you might be seeing a LOS button flickering on your Wi-Fi. This LOS button is a red light in colour. We are first supposed to understand what LOS means to fix this problem. LOS is a short word for Loss of Signal. This red light flickers when there is no signal, and the wire that attaches your router to the signal connectivity, called the patch core connection, is broken, which is why the red light is flickering. Another reason for it is the failure of the Passive Optical Network, which is abbreviated as PON. Follow the steps given below to fix your Netgear router red light flickering.

Steps To Fix Netgear Router Red Light Issue 

Solution 1:

  • Turn your Netgear router to the backside and open it. You will find a patch core, which is essentially a wire used for connectivity, and this wire is yellow and green.
  • Remove the patch core from the socket and wait for fifteen seconds. Now, you reconnect it.
  •  You will be able to see the light on the PON working.
  • The Wi-Fi light should also start working.
  • The LOS light will stop working for a little bit, and it will turn on after some time. Wait patiently.
  • Netgear router red light will vanish, and your internet will start working like before.
Netgear Router Red Light
Netgear Router Red Light


Note:- The LAN connections are used to attach it to your PC, desktops, etc.

Do not push the VPS button unless you want to reset your router. It will delete all the data and change your data to factory default settings if you do so. You will hit the reset button only when you forget your credentials, like a password.

Solution 2:

Another way to solve the flickering red light is to follow the steps given below:-

Red light on several ports
The red light on several ports
  • This problem could occur because your motherboard might get overheated. It cannot function without a break. Please turn off the power button (a red circular button which has on/off written below it)
  • Remove the motherboard carefully from your Netgear router. Place it under a fan or in a cool area, and do not expose it to the sun in any case.
  • After waiting patiently for around ten minutes, insert the motherboard back into the router.
  • Reconnect it to the wire/patch cord after this step. Your router will start working fine!
  • Note:- Never hit the reset button!

Doing the steps mentioned above will ensure that your Wi-Fi will work and refresh your Wi-Fi so that it will work like never before, and you will be able to see an increase in your speed. In short, your Wi-Fi will work better.


If the above two methods do not work, then you can follow these steps when Netgear modem internet light red is flickering-

To solve these, you should first understand why your router is not working correctly. These red lights are generally displayed in two cases; one when you are updating your router and when you are using it for the first time. Apart from this, the list of other possible reasons might be signal overlapping, an overloaded server, or a connection connected to a faulty cable. Other than this, if your Wi-Fi connection is loose and not plugged in correctly, or it is placed too near to the wall, this issue might persist. Make sure to pay your bills on time to your Internet Service Provider, or else he might also cut your bills.

How To Spot The Red Light Issue

Your Netgear red light can be displayed on your router in these different ways:-

  • The Wi-Fi router is flickering red.
  • Your power button is flickering red.
  • Your DSL is flickering red.
  • Netgear router red light on WPS.
  • The Ethernet LED is red.
Red Power light
Red Power light

Ways to solve Netgear AC1750 red light issue:-


  1. Check the power supply
  2. Examine the position of the router
  3. Check to see that all of the Ethernet wires are in good shape.
  4. Manually download and install the most recent firmware version for your router.

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Steps to follow:-

Netgear router red light:-

Follow the actions outlined below to resolve the problem:-

  • Remove the Ethernet cable and replace it with a fresh one.
  • A faulty connection or cable can also cause a light issue.
  • Connect the cord to a different port.
  • The LAN cable should be checked and repaired.
  • Check the connection mode if you’re still seeing the red light. It may be broken.
Netgear AC1750 router
Netgear AC1750 router

Netgear Nighthawk Red Internet Light

This mainly occurs in newer Netgear models like the nighthawk models. Follow the steps to resolve the issue:-

  • Open the standard Netgear router user interface. 
  • Log in to the router with the default credentials. 
  • Click the Wireless section. 
  • Check if the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network areas are active. 
  • Select the correct channel value for both networks. 
  • Finally, click on the Save button.


Q. Why should I not hit the reset button mentioned above in the article?

Ans. Resetting the router will delete all the data and change your data to factory default settings. You will hit the reset button only when you forget your credentials, like a password.

Q. Can I access the Netgear login web page when the red light is shown?

Ans. No, you cannot. You are offline and do not have an active internet connection to use the login page. The red light is an indicator of no internet connection.

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The Netgear router red light no internet is an issue faced by routers when you either use it for the first time or the motherboard gets overheated and many other reasons mentioned above. But to stop the flickering of light is very easy and can be done in different ways like removing the motherboard or reconnecting the patch core. An important note is never to reset the router as this can cause deletion of all your credential data and set it back to the factory default settings. The above article also solves the Netgear router model AC 1750 also faces issues. 

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