Quick Fixes To Solve Netgear Router Orange Internet Light Issue

Do you have the Netgear router orange internet light issue? Netgear Routers are considered the latest evolution in wireless and modem routers. They have also been titled as the world’s fastest wireless Router. What makes it so fast? The Netgear WiFi extender has a WPA attribute that facilitates the router to connect with other devices quickly. You can connect your Netgear Router with various devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, personal computers, etc. netgear router orange internet light.

netgear router orange light issue

The different color LED lights on the Router serve different purposes and indicate the working state of the Router. Each distinct color represents a specific action. For example, when you switch ON the Netgear Router, the Power LED will be amber at first for the initial few seconds, and then it will turn green or white. If the LED lights don’t turn green or white and rather keep blinking, the Router has a problem. It is the most common issue faced by users.

An orange light on the Router means the WiFi Extender has a certain problem related to Connectivity. For example, there is some problem with ISP (Internet Service Provider) and not with the Netgear WiFi Extender.

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Ways To Fix Orange Light On The Netgear Router

If your Netgear Router blinks orange, you have certain connectivity issues. It is due to slow Internet Connection. Netgear router orange internet light also hints that your orange light on the netgear router might have technical glitches.

Connection Failure

Go through the cables and ensure that your Netgear router is properly connected with the cable or cables. Because of a wrong connection, people may face this Netgear router orange internet light issue.

connection failure

Check your Internet Connection whether or not both the devices are well connected. The modem should be connected to the yellow port of the Netgear Router.

Outdated Firmware

If You haven’t yet updated your Firmware for a very long time and continue using the current version, an orange light issue may be seen. Netgear router orange internet light is because Firmware needs an update to the latest version available.

outdated firmware

You need to login into the WiFi router to update the netgear router orange power light to the latest firmware version. Keep updating your Firmware when a new version is to avoid such glitches and issues.

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Damaged Cables

Check for the Ethernet cable if the orange light is still popping up after following the above steps. Over time the cable gets old and wears off. If your Router has a damaged Ethernet cable, the light will be orange. Try changing your old Ethernet cable with a new one for the netgear router orange internet light issue.

damaged cables

After that, switch on the Router and check whether the lights have turned green or white. If Netgear router orange internet light does so, the problem was with your Ethernet Cable. Also, ensure that the cable isn’t loosely connected rather properly fixed in the Router.

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Improper Setup Of The Router

This is yet another issue that might be the reason behind the orange light on your Netgear Router. The device needs a proper and correct set up so that it will work properly. If the Router isn’t properly set up through the web address, the orange light may blink as an indication. Additionally, Netgear router orange internet light type may occur when there is an unidentified network. In such cases, the modem cannot identify the Router through which it connects it.

improper connection may lead to problems

You need to set it up by locking the Unique Media Access Control connection. It is a modem and other network hardware.

Disruption In The Power Supply

If there is a disruption in the power supply to the Netgear Router, it will display an orange light. Make sure the Router is receiving a proper and continuous power supply. Plugin your device properly in a continuous power source.

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Ways To Solve The Issue

Follow the steps

Reset The Router

One common way to fix the Netgear Orange router is to reset the Router. To reset the Router.

First, you need to ensure that the device is connected with a continuous power supply. Keep the Netgear device plugged in.

  1. Plug out every cable from your Router disconnect it from every connected device.
  2. Take a pin or toothpick and insert it into the small hole-like button. reset router
  3. Hold this position for another 30 seconds, and the Router will reset.

Now your Netgear device is reset, wait for some time for the Power LED to blink and turn green. But,  keep in mind that after resetting the Router, you will have to set up the Router again.

Check The Internet

Sometimes the orange light may also indicate a connection problem. First, check whether your Internet connection is working or not.

check the internet

Next, plug out the Internet cable from your router and plug it back in again.

Update The Firmware

The Firmware needs to be up to date at all times. Therefore, make sure you regularly update the Firmware to its latest version to avoid technical glitches for the netgear router orange internet light.

update firmware

Old Firmware sometimes fails to provide or process the new and updated settings required to connect other devices more simply.

Here are the steps to update the firmware.

Change The Cables

Faulty cable connections cannot provide full power to the Router, and they should be avoided at all costs.

changes cables to new ones

Instead, replace the old cables with the new ones and look at orange internet light what difference it would make.

Provide A Continuous Power Supply

A continuous power supply is necessary for the working of the Router.

If the electricity flow is uneven, it may damage the Router.

Configure The Network Settings

For configuring the Network Settings, you have to log into the Netgear Router and open the settings page; then, you have to move on to advanced settings and go for Configuration.

network settings

Call Your Internet Service Provider

If None of those mentioned above methods worked for you, maybe you should call your Internet Service Provider to know the exact issue and correct Netgear internet light orange.

contact your isp

So that was all regarding the ways to solve the issue.


So, you are provided with various reasons and solutions for the netgear router orange internet light. We sincerely hope this article was helpful to you!

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