How To erform Netgear Router Login | Complete Guide

Here is a simple guide that will cover the topic – how to do the Netgear router login to tweak your network settings. You need not possess any programming language or background to perform the following methods. So, here is the list which you can follow or discuss to make sure that you are following the correct steps.
First, let us discuss what NetGear is and why it is used.

A Brief About NetGear

Netgear was the first-ever company in the world to introduce the fastest wireless router. More homes now have multiple devices requiring strong, steady WiFisignals. NetGear gives the best range of options to meet every type of home networking need.

Netgear router
Netgear router

NetGear produces networking hardware for consumers, businesses, and service providers. Moreover, it also provides a wide variety of Ethernet, wireless routers, and powerline products that focus on reliability and easy to use.

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Simple Steps To Perform NetGear Router Login

Now, let’s have a quick look at the steps to connect to your router by using your computers or laptops. Also, there is no download necessary to do this steps\process. You can have it with your NetGear Nighthawk.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile phone. Make sure that the device you are using is connected to your WiFi router’s network.
  2. Type in on your web browser’s address bar.
  3. You can also enter the default IP address on the web browser’s address bar.
    Netgear router login page
    Netgear router login page
  4. Enter your login credentials or admin username and password in the router login window. If this is your first time logging in or hasn’t changed the login details, use the default. The default username is admin. And the default password id “password.”
  5. Click or tap OK or Log In
  6. After successfully logging in, you will be taken to the basic home screen.

Now, a quick view of how to log in to your NetGear router.

How To Login To NetGear Router?

  1. Connect to your network: Connect to your wireless network using WiFi or your wired network using an Ethernet or CAT5 cable.
    ethernet cable
    ethernet cable
  2. Launch a web browser on your connected device. It may be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser.
  3. Visit any of the two the NetGear router IP address, i.e., or
    use default IP address
    use default IP address
  4. Enter your NetGear username and password: Once you can see the login screen, enter the username and password of your choice to set up the router. You can also keep the default NetGear username and password. (In case you forget your username or password, you can easily reset it.)
    enter login credentials
    enter login credentials
  5. And you are ready to use it.

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How To Change Netgear Router Login Creadentials

Few people might have a question that can he change their router login username? The answer is “yes.” You can easily change your router login username to something other than “admin.” So, here are the steps which you can follow to change the router login username.

  1. Access the setup page using a browser. Use the IP address set for the router, i.e.,
  2. Enter the username and password. The default username is admin.
  3. On the Home screen, click on the Network Settings button.
    change Netgear router passphrase
    change Netgear router passphrase
  4. Click on Tools>Admin. Change the Login Name to “admin” and click Apply.
  5. You’re all done.

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So, these were the steps that can help you to perform NetGear router login. The methods we just guide you through it error-free. Now you are fully aware on how to login to the router and also change the login credentials. In case of any other troubles, feel free to contact the NetGear Support, who will respond to your queries in a trice! Furthermore, we recommend that ou b aware about the Wireless PAN DHCP server.

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