Netgear Router Firmware Update | Guideline To Netgear

Hey there, people!! We’re going to have a Lil chit chat about the Netgear router firmware update. Interesting?  Tell me, what is the first piece of hardware you think of when I say the word internet? A router? The device that the technicians fit on your wall. I’m sure you know it plays a crucial role in supplying you with the internet.

A router has become like oxygen for most of us. Without a router, it has become impossible for one to survive during the pandemic. Schools have switched to e-learning mode, and businesses have switched to e-commerce. There are so many router companies that have emerged because of this.

Wi-Fi has become like oxygen. One of the most used brands of Wi-Fi routers is NETGEAR. This router is one of the most affordable ones available on the market. It is a total package of money-saving and effective results. 

For home use, NETGEAR is the best router you can purchase. However, just purchasing and installing the Wi-Fi is not all. Just like you keep updating the apps on your phone, you need to keep an eye on the NETGEAR router firmware update. This is extremely vital so that you do not miss out on any services.

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Why Do You Need Netgear Firmware Router Update?

Well, this is obvious. There are firmware updates for a reason. These updates typically are the ones that facilitate improving product performance. The firmware will determine the behavior of your NETGEAR router.

The firmware software updates may include bug fixes, improved security, and additional features. Yes, just like a phone software update! In order to get the best experience, you should conduct a NETGEAR router firmware update. 

netgear firmware router

Furthermore, there will be features that will help you use the router more efficiently. You must do a firmware installation if you are facing delays from your router. Also, it is better to install the firmware software rather than changing the entire router. 

There are two ways you can find the updates. One, it might just happen on its own. This is generally in the latest versions of routers. The other way is to check your NETGEAR firmware update manually. Here, you will also get an idea as to when the router was last updated. 

The best part about this software is that it is absolutely free of cost. You needn’t worry about the money – because nothing needs to be paid for!

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Top 2 Ways to Perform Netgear Router Login Update

When we talk about it, there are two ways to achieve the Netgear router firmware update. Go for the one you’re more comfortable with. I’m explaining them for the sake of clarity, below.

If you prefer keeping it simple, the App is your answer. No? Then you could try out the conventional style. You can make it possible by getting into the routers settings interface. It could provide you access to the whole store of settings. You can configure them, just the way you want it. Let us see how.

Netgear Router Firmware Update

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Method #1: The Web Method

If you are someone who likes and do things the conventional way. Then it is for you. Herein, you hop to the panel, which hosts all the settings. You can configure and manage your Netgear router firmware update by going through them. This method is pretty straightforward. The first thing that you need to do is connect your router to your desktop. This must be done using an Ethernet cable only.

  1. You need to then open your internet search engine and lookup for This will lead to the login window of the router.

login portal

2. You will now need to use the router’s user ID and password. The username will generally be the default one – Admin. You will find the password online, or else the password will be the same one you have used to login earlier. Make sure that you enter this properly.

3. After this, you need to go into Settings, where you will find something known as Administration. Or you can go to Advanced and find Administration.

advanced tab

4. As soon as you do this, you need to look for Router Update or Firmware Update. You must check this button. The router will then scan for new updates, and if any, it will notify you immediately. 

5. You must not turn off your router, nor should you go online. Leave the router aside until the process is complete. This will not take more than a few minutes.

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Method #2: Use the App to Perform Netgear Router Firmware Update

Another option to update NETGEAR routers is to use the Nighthawk app. This is specifically designed for mobile phones. It’s available on iOS and Android devices.


  1. Using the app is extremely easy. The initial step will involve you to connect to your Wi-Fi network. After you do this, you must install the Nighthawk app. It might ask you to enter your router’s username and password.
  2. After you do this, you must Sign In. you will then be redirected to the dashboard. You will then witness the image of your router. Tap on it. 

sign in

3. You then have to open the Router’s Settings page. Here, you can check for any NETGEAR router firmware update. In case there is any update available, there will be an option with the title ‘Update.’

4. In this method as well, you should refrain from going online or shutting down the router. Wait until the process is complete. After the update is done, you can then go online and use your Wi-Fi.

Do not try to surf the internet. Do not open/close the tabs, while the upgrade is in process. It might result in complications.

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Doing a NETGEAR router firmware update is not difficult. It just needs patience. You need to first read this guide properly. Everything has been explained in simple terms. All you should do is follow the steps properly. Avoid skipping any steps. This will cause a delay in the update. Furthermore, it will lead to you repeating the process all over again.

It is advised that you choose only one of the adobe methods and stick to it. Do not keep on shuffling between the two methods.

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