Netgear Router Firmware Update | Guideline to Netgear

Hey there, people!! We’re going to have a Lil chit chat about the Netgear router firmware update. Interesting?  Tell me, what is the first piece of hardware you think of when I say the word internet? A router? The device that the technicians fit on your wall. I’m sure you know it plays a crucial role in supplying you with the internet.

It cannot work on its own, though. Behind the scenes are a set of instructions. Technically speaking, they’re known as software/firmware.As technology keeps moving ahead, so the firmware has to keep up.Now, that is where the thing called “Netgear router firmware update” plays its part. It comprises of some steps and ways. If we use them, then that will mean that our firmware is always up-to-the-mark.

More on that later, of course.If we talk about Routers, they are an essential link if we want to access the internet. The one in question is Netgear. The brand specializes in hardware like routers, modems, switches. We’ll, however, be focusing on the Netgear router firmware update. Also, I see certain things demand clarification here.

So, Here we go!!

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Why Do You Need Netgear Firmware Router Update?

As I just said, the technology keeps changing. So, the software should keep up with it. Thus helps in avoiding troubles that may arise due to old technology. 

netgear router
netgear router

All the more reason for doing the Netgear router firmware update, right? Who doesn’t want to get their hands on smooth, latest software? It has a certain ring to it.

When you bring a router home, it has all the software to run smoothly. But with the time, you might need to update it. That is the updations we’ll be talking about, soon enough.

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Top 2 Ways to Perform Netgear Router Login Update 

When we talk about it, there are two ways to achieve the Netgear router firmware update. Go for the one you’re more comfortable with. I’m explaining them for the sake of clarity, below.

If you prefer keeping it simple, the App is your answer. No? Then you could try out the conventional style. You can make it possible by getting into the routers settings interface. It could provide you access to the whole store of settings. You can configure them, just the way you want it. Let us see how.

Netgear Router Firmware Update
Netgear Router Firmware Update

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The Conventional Way to Setup the Portal

If you are someone who likes and do things the conventional way. Then it is for you. Herein, you hop to the panel, which hosts all the settings. You can configure and manage your Netgear router firmware update by going through them. 

Allow me to show you how:

  • Fire up your web browser to make a connection with the panel. In the address bar, put in the IP address. 
  • You can find the same by opening the command prompt and typing Ipconfig. Jot down the Default gateway and use it in the step. 
  • Type the address carefully, taking care of the dot. Don’t end up putting comma or semi-colon. Press enter to go on. 
reset password
reset password
  • In the next step, you’ll encounter a sort of form. Here, it will ask you for your user id and passkey. That is where you pay attention. 
  • If you did change the credentials previously, fill in those. If not, then type the ones you got when you purchased the router.
  • As a result, it will direct you towards the router portal. It takes you one step ahead, to your Netgear router firmware update. Once in there, you are looking for the option for the firmware update. 
  • You can access the same via the “Administration” option. All you have to do is to click it to start the upgrade. Straightforward enough?

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Use the App to Perform Netgear Router Firmware Update

There are shortcuts for everything. Consider the App one of them. Well, there are specific applications that reduce the steps of Netgear router firmware update by folds. The one we have is the App that goes by the name “Netgear Genie.” Curious little name, if you ask me. Here is how you use it to your benefit:

  • In the foremost step in the Netgear router firmware update, of course, download the App. Read the disclaimer and grant the necessary permissions. Once you do that, open the App and try to spot the “Router Settings” option.
  • You” ll have to fill in your credentials at the next step. It includes two things: the user id and passkey. Expert advice, always keep them software in plain sight. 
  • Among all sorts of settings in there, you have to find the one relating to the firmware updates. Found it? Great. No? Look more carefully. 
  • In the updates portion, you have to check if there is an upgrade for your device or not. 
  • If there is one available, press the yes button to affirm. Then the process of the upgrade will commence.

Do not try to surf the internet. Do not open/close the tabs, while the upgrade is in process. It might result in complications.


These are the ways using which you can perform the Netgear router firmware update. You can choose whichever method catches your fancy. Just follow the steps, and they’ll guide you through it all.

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