Netcomm Wireless Router Login Guide

It is crazy and exciting how the world has progressed in the past two centuries. Some of the most significant eras took place since the 19th century. There were colossal build-outs in various societal areas. Be it philosophical, industrial, literal, technological, or even political! Humanity has evolved beyond expectations and conquered every possibility one could imagine of. This has led to the creation of almost everything that we see today. From democracy to cryptocurrency, there is a solution to every problem we face today. In this article, we will talk about the Netcomm wireless router login and how to do it.

One of the most crucial fields due to which the world today is still surviving during a pandemic is technology. Due to technology, we have been able to find a vaccine faster, keep track of all the infected people, and so on. In times like this, one of the most important things that the world relied on was communication. Learn about SmartRG router login here.

This communication was primarily possible because of what we all heavily rely on- the internet. The internet has nurtured so many companies globally, as most of them would be rendered useless without it. The number of internet users has been growing significantly. And to satisfy the internet needs, there are several devices around us.

There might be sim cards for that. But they’re not efficient to use for official purposes, or households with many people, or even a hotel too! In such cases, routers or modems are the most efficient devices to cater to internet needs. You might have one too, but have you ever thought of exploring its functionalities? 

Netcomm Wireless Router Login
Netcomm Wireless Router Login

Well, let’s talk about the Netcomm Wireless router now and how you can access its user interface. Netcomm is a popular Australia-based communications devices manufacturing company.

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List Of IP Addresses And Some Of The Popular Models For Netcomm Routers

IP Address


Router Models

  • 3G21WB
  • 3G9WB9
  • N3G001W
  • NB1300 Plus 4
  • NB14WN
  • NB5Plus4
  • NB5Plus
  • NB6Plus4W
  • NNB7
  • NP803N
  • NP804N

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How To Perform A Netcomm Wireless Router Login

As said above, a router has more to offer than you already know. You might be using it only to satisfy your internet needs. But you can modify the name of your WiFi, alter the passcode or even configure parental controls. You can explore through the settings, and you will find much more than mentioned above. But in order to do that, you first need to log onto your router’s IP. There are three methods by which you can log onto your router’s IP.

First Method

This is the simplest method. You need to enter the most frequently used combinations of user IDs and passcodes. Follow the steps given below to log onto your router’s user page:

  • First and foremost, make sure your Netcomm Wireless router is connected to your PC. You can do this either over the LAN network or through a wired ethernet connection. But it is preferred that you do it in a second way.
check if the router is connected to your pc
Check if the router is connected to your PC
  • On correctly following the above steps, you will see that the indicators on the router box will be blinking/turned on. Next, open up a web browser on your PC. Then, carefully enter your Netcomm Wireless router’s IP into the address bar. This IP can be anyone among the IPs given above in the table. Now, press ‘enter.’
Enter the Netcomm Wireless Router Login IP address
Enter the Netcomm Wireless Router Login IP address
  • After performing the steps mentioned above correctly, you will see a login box on your screen. Then you need to type your user ID and passcode here. 
enter login details
enter login details

Now, if you do not know the default user ID and passcode combination for your Netcomm Wireless router, take a look at the table given below. These are the most recurrent set of default credentials for the Netcomm Wireless Routers. Try both of the combinations.

  • User ID- admin

Passcode- admin

  • User ID- admin

Passcode- password

This must work fine for you. But in case it doesn’t, move onto the second method given below.

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Second Method

The above method involved using the most frequently used credentials for logging in. But for this method, you need to locate the user ID and password at the backside of the router.

locate the user id and password
Locate the user ID and Password

They will be written on your router itself or printed on a sticker. Turn on a web browser after connecting the router. And then, try the login procedure as explained in the first method.

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Third Method

If you have reached this far in this article, then that means the credentials for your router have probably been changed once. But you might not be able to recall it, as wouldn’t any other person! You might have different accounts’ credentials too, whom you need to keep track of. So to re-login, you have to reset your router.

Begin by tracking down a tiny hole at the rear end of the router.

Reset Button
Reset Button

Now, find a thin and sturdy tool like a toothpick. But make sure it is not very pointed and

insert the pin into the hole
Insert the pin into the hole


Now keep the button pressed for not more than thirty seconds. On correctly doing so, you’ll see the router turns off temporarily, and then it powers back on by itself. This indicates that the router is reset. Now, perform the steps given in the first method to log onto your router’s user page.

Press and hold
Press and hold



This must amply tell you all you need to know about a Netcomm Wireless Router login. Generally, you would be able to solve the login problem by the first method. But in case it doesn’t, you will get it rectified by the following two ways.

Netcomm is a pretty common and famous brand. It has a wide range of models to choose from. If you want to look for more, there are a lot of brands available in the market. 

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