Xiaomi / Mi Router Login – A Complete Guide

To get access to your MI router login, you will need a system or a device through which you will connect with the internet, an internet connection via your router, the IP address of the router and the username and password of your device.

Steps To Login Into The MI/ Xiaomi Router

Step 1: Bring any device through which you should be able to connect with the internet. The device may be your smartphone, or laptop or tablets or your Desktop. Then, connect your device with the Router of your home and in turn, connect it with the internet.

Step 2: Launch a browser. The browser is open to your choice, it can be any browser, there is no such requirement which browser should be used.

Step 3: This step requires you to have knowledge regarding the IP address of your Xiaomi router login.

In the search bar of your browser type the IP address of your router and hit enter. Type which is the IP address of your Mi router login.

Mi Router Login
Mi Router Login

Step 4: As soon as you type this IP address, this will redirect you to the admin MI router login page. The webpage will have two empty boxes, spaces will be provided next to username and password. In the respective fields, enter the correct details such as the username and password of the router. And after entering all the details, press the login button. 

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How To Find The IP Address Of Your Xiaomi/MI Router?

Most of the MI routers have a default IP address which is:

You can even use this IP address directly without doing extra effort to know the IP address of the router traditionally. But, if you still want to proceed with the traditional way, here are the different ways:

The IP address is necessary when you access the MI router login user-based web interface. 

When you are finding the IP address of your router, make sure you’re connected with the same network whose IP address you want to find out. Also, make sure to connect via the Ethernet cable rather than connecting through the wireless medium, that is through Wi-Fi. Because in this way, the risk of suddenly logging off while saving your changes is minimised or even avoided.

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How To Find The IP Address On A Windows device?

Step 1: Press Windows + R on your windows device.

Step 2: A prompt will then appear on the screen. When this appears, type “cmd” into the input.

cmd run
Run cmd

Step 3: Another prompt will follow. On that prompt, you can either type “ipconfig” or “find/ i “Gateway” and then hit the enter key.

ipconfig cmd
Type ipconfig on CMD
ipconfig cmd enter
Press enter

Step 4: Note down the number mentioned against the “Default Gateway.”

How To Find The IP Address If You Use A Linux Device? 

  • Open the terminal window or click (ctrl+alt+t).
  • Then type “IP route” or “grep default” and then enter. 
  • Note down the IP address which will be on your screen now.

Here is a list of all the Xiaomi/ MI routers model name that use as their default login IP

MiWiFi 3, MiWiFi 3A, MiWiFi 3C, MiWiFi 3G, MiWiFi 4, MiWiFi4A, MiWiFi  HD, MiWiFi HDR3D, MiWiFi Lite, MiWiFi Mini, MiWiFi MiniR1CM, MiWiFi Pro, MiWiFi ProR3P, MiWiFiR1D, MiWiFi (R1D), MiWiFiR2D, MiWiFi (R2D), MiWiFi R3, MiWiFiR3C.

The default username and password combinations

The most common default username and password combination for Xiaomi/ MI routers is 

Username (blank)

Password  admin

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What If Nothing Works?

If none of this method works, for example, if you are unable to log in using the default username and password then the possible explanation may be that you have previously changed your username and password.

If you haven’t noted down the new username and password and still after many attempts unable to remember the password then it leaves you with the only option: reset the router.

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How To Reset The Router?

All that can be done now is resetting your modem to do a MI router login. You can do this quite easily by clicking on the reset button. The reset button can be found at the back or the bottom of your Mi login router. The reset button is a small hole like structure. You have to hold down this small button for approximately 20 seconds. You have to use a toothpick or a pin to insert into the hole and only then you will be able to press that button.

Reset Button
Reset Button on a Router

Doing this will then reset your modem to the factory settings. It should be kept in mind that when you will reset your modem, you will lose your internet connection as well. It is therefore advised to take the assistance of an expert or technician in this regard. 

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How To Change The Password Of The Wi-Fi?

The default name of the Mi WiFi login may be confusing if several people in the same region are using various routers and there are several networks to choose from. You can always change the name of your Xiaomi MiWiFi login Default name (SSID) and the password of your Wi-Fi or MI router login. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to make these changes:

Step 1: You need to look for the options from the drop-down menu which says “Routing Settings.”

Routing Settings Mi
Routing Settings Mi

Step 2: Then you need to search for the option Wi-Fi Settings. Click on Mi WiFi router login settings.

Step 3: Then look for Network Name (SSID) which is the WiFi name of your Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini Router. Now in this option you can change the name of your WiFi.

Step 4: After that enter a new WPA Pre-Shared Key also known as the WiFi Password. You will be using this password when you connect to your home WiFi. Make sure the password isn’t very easy to guess as then, it might be used by random people if they are able to guess your easy password. Make sure you keep a strong password. 

Step 5: Click on the save button or the apply button to save all the settings.

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This is how you can login to Mi Router. Follow all these steps without skipping any and you’ll be able to login to your Mi router effortlessly.

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