How To Login To Virgin Router | A Complete Guide

The Virgin group (ESTD:1989) is a UK multinational, multi-industry company which Sir Richard Branson and Nik Powell found. Virgin Media is a new venture undertaken by the Virgin group company in July 2006. The Virgin media deals in the business of virgin phones, virgin mobiles, virgin TV, and also in the business of routers. The standard routers used by the Virgin company are Hub3, Hub 4, Super Hub 1, 2 or 2 ac. In this article we will look at the most widely used router by the Virgin media company that is the Hub 3 Router. What are the steps involved to login to virgin router and how to go about with making changes in the settings of the router.

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How To Know The IP Address Of Your Virgin Router?

To login to virgin router web based interface, knowing the IP address of the router is a must. IP addresses are extremely important and this step cannot be skipped because without knowing the IP address of the router one cannot login into the web based user interface.

Most of the routers manufactured by the Virgin brand usually mention the various details on the Router itself. It is pasted on the back of the router. You can also view other details, such as the model number of your Router, its IP address and the username and virgin media hub password. The user manual provided along with the box also has such details mentioned on it.

Most of the Virgin Media routers have the default IP address https://

The IP address is necessary when you want the Virgin Media router access of the web interface. 

There are other most common IP addresses as well. They are:

If you’re still not able to find your IP address follow the following steps:

Step 1: Press Windows + R

This step should open a pop-up window.

Step 2: Type “cmd” into the space provided and hit enter.

cmd run
Run cmd

Step 3: A command prompt will appear on the screen. Simply type “ipconfig” and press enter.

ipconfig cmd
Type ipconfig on CMD
ipconfig cmd enter
Press enter

Step 4: Note down the series of numbers written next to ” Default Gateway”. That number is your IP address. 

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How To Do An Easy Virgin Router Login ?

After getting the IP address of your Virgin media router, the rest of the process to login to virgin router becomes extremely simple and fast.

Follow the following steps to login into the admin page of the Virgin router.

Keep ready an internet connecting device which can be anything, be it your smartphones or laptops or Personal Computer.

Connect this device with the internet using the LAN cable provided along with the router.

Then you need to open a browser of your choice. 

After opening the browser, type in the IP address in the search bar and press enter.

Login to Virgin Router
Login to Virgin Router

Clicking on the enter key will take you directly to the login page of the Virgin router. 

The page will have empty boxes to fill in the credentials such as the username and password.

Type in the Virgin media router password and username correctly and press enter.

Now you will see the homepage of the login to virgin router. 

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Some Default Username And Password Combinations 

Most Virgin routers use the default username and virgin hub password combinations.

The default username used by most of the Virgin routers is “admin” and the default password is “randomly generated.”

Reset The Forgotten Password

This is how you can reset forgotten password.

Reset The Router

To change the password, when you don’t remember the last used password, reset the router back to its Default Factory Settings.

For this search for a small hole like button on the router. This is the reset button of the router. Then bring a toothpick or a pen to click on the reset button. Press and hold the reset button using the pen or the toothpick for 30 seconds and the router will reset back to its factory settings. 

Reset Button
Reset Button on a Router

But there is a risk that the internet connection may be lost as the configurations details will also be reset. So make sure you have enough technical knowledge before proceeding for this step.

When you have reset the router, it will now accept the default username and password. Now you can log in using the default username “admin” and most probably the default password “randomly generated.”

It should be noted that after doing the login to virgin router using the default username and password, you should always change the password and keep it something else other than the default passwords as this is a security concern and changing it will ensure a more secure router. Though it is not at all mandatory and depends upon the user’s preference. It is just a suggestion. 

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Access Advanced Settings

And if you want to access Advanced settings on your Virgin Media Hub, you may have to follow some other steps depending upon which Hub you have.

If you have Hub 3 or Hub 4 follow these instructions: 

Step 1: You need to enter the Ip address in the address bar of your browser. Doing this will automatically load the settings page. 

Note: If the modem mode is on you have to type instead of

Step 2: A prompt page will appear, there input the Hub 3.0 settings password which you can find at the bottom of the Hub 3 or Hub 4

After you have accessed the page,  you will be able to browse a variety of settings that can be changed. On the first home page, you will get access to these quick setup options:

This setting allows you to configure the Wi-Fi connection. Through these settings, you can allow yourself to change the WiFi network name and even the WiFi password. You should change the password to something new and hard to guess.

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This is how you can login to virgin router effortlessly. We hope you were successful in performing virgin router login. Thank you!

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