How To Do Jio Router Login | Complete Guide

Jio is a technology company in India that is headquartered in Mumbai. Moreover, Jio is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries owned by Mukesh Ambani. Jio is India’s largest mobile operator company and as per reports in May 2020 the fourth largest company in the world by means of Capitalization. Apart from this, Jio is the third-largest mobile network operator in the world. Over these years, its growth has been tremendous. The technological services provided under Jio consists of mobile broadband connection, JioFi, and the very recent Jio Giga fibres 

It claims to provide the fastest network and in this network, we will look exclusively at the Jio Giga fibres. We will specify how you can do an easy Jio router login without any trouble and hassle. 

To login into the web-based user interface, you will require a device that can be connected with the Internet, a stable internet connection, the IP address of your router and the username and password combination. Once you have all this ready with you, the login process will be completed within minutes.

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How To Know The IP address Of Your Jio Router?

It is compulsory to know the IP address of your Jio WiFi router login device in order to proceed further. 

Connect your device with the Internet via the Ethernet cable provided with the router. Usually, wired networks are preferred over wireless WiFi. To know the Jio IP address of your Jio Router login device press the Windows key along with the “R” key in case you are using a Windows device.

This should initiate a command prompt and in the command prompt, you need to type “cmd” and then hit the enter key.

cmd run
Run cmd

This will trigger another command prompt screen which will be black in colour. In that command prompt give the input “ipconfig” and then press the enter key.

ipconfig cmd
Type ipconfig on CMD
ipconfig cmd enter
Press enter

All the details including your IP address will now be visible on the screen. 

The numbers specified next to “Default Gateway” is the IP address of your router. 

Note down the number, this is the IP address of your Jio Router.

Also do not get confused between the IPv4 address and Default Gateway. The IPv4 address is the IP address of your system, the device which you are using right now. Gateway IP is always the IP address of your router. The most common IP address for Jio router is “

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How To Know The Jio Default Username And Password?

Most of the users have said that the default username and password of Jio router login is admin.

Type “admin” in both the empty spaces or the boxes provided next to username and password.

Most routers come with the username and password imprinted on them, either on the back of the router or at the base. You can always find such handy details on the router itself. You will also find the details in the instruction manual. 

But even after trying multiple times, if you are unable to login, then the password may have been changed. Most people never change their username and passwords so it is assumed that it will work for you as well, but if you have changed your username and password, you will have to log in using the new password.

In case if you have forgotten your new password, you will have to reset the whole Jio router in order to access the web-based user interface. To reset the Jio router, search for a small hole like button. You will require a toothpick or a pin to insert into the reset button and keep holding it for 30 secs, for the Jio router to reset.

Reset Button
Reset Button on a Router

But it is always advisable to take the assistance of the experts while resetting the Jio router because resetting will reset all the configuration details as well and not just the password specifically.

Once the Jio router is reset now you can log in using the default username and password.

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How To Do A Jio Router Login ?

Step 1: To log in to the web-based user interface, bring your internet connecting device and connect it with your Jio router using the Ethernet cable or the LAN cable. It is advisable always to use the LAN cable instead of the wireless network to have a more stable internet connection.

Step 2: Open a browser. Any browser of your choice is enough, there are no requirements regarding a particular browser. There are a number of browsers to choose from such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Step 3: On the browser type http://(Jio dongle IP address ) in the search bar of the browser. For example, And then press the enter key.

Jio’s web-based user interface
Jio Router Login

Step 4: This will redirect you to Jio’s web-based user interface. There you will see the option to enter the details such as the username and password, enter the username and password of your Jio router login in the spaces provided respectively and then click on the Login button or you can also simply press the enter key.

Upon entering the correct details, you will be able to login into the admin page of your Jio router.

Now we will show you all the details and the option to change the settings. 

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How To Change The Jio WiFi Password?

If you want to change the password of your Jio modem login from the default Jio WIFI default password to a more secured one, follow these steps:

 Step 1: You will see various columns, one of the columns says “Network”. Click on that particular column.

Step 2: Then click “Wi-Fi configuration.”

Network Wi-fi Configuration
Network Wi-fi Configuration of Jio Router

Step 3: Then select the option which says “secure keys.”

Step 4: Choose a password, enter the password and then save your settings.

While it depends entirely upon the user to change the password or not, it is always suggestible to change the password after logging in for the first time. This will ensure that no one would be able to access your Jio router login using the default information which is easily available on the Internet. Try keeping a password that will be difficult to guess.

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We have given everything you need to know about Jio router login. Hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know if you have any further queries, let us know in the comments section below.

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