What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming And Other Internet Tips For Gaming

Generally, we consider 3 to 8 Mbps good internet speed for gaming. With this broadband speed, you will be able to play your regular games on the net, but again you might face interruptions even though you have the required internet speeds for gaming. This could be because there is a lot of load on the Internet as many people are using it, playing a game like call of duty with your friends while being on a discord server with them, or streaming videos while gaming. If you have an internet speed between 50 Mbps to around 200 Mbps, your speed is deemed outstanding.

good internet speed for gaming
good internet speed for gaming

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Faster Internet is desirable, but none of us want to shell out money for speeds that we unnecessarily do not want to spend. So, the question that lies here is how do you know what’s best for you and your gaming style? Read below to get all the answers to your queries. 

What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming?

According to the Federal Communications Commission, gaming generally requires different download speeds for various purposes. For gaming, particularly downloads, a good internet speed is around 3 to 4 Mbps.

It is best to have around 3 Mbps, and for multiplayer games, you will require around 4Mbps speed on a general gaming console which is considered optimal internet speed for gaming.

good internet speed
good internet speed

Here the gaming internet speed of 3 to 4 Mbps refers to only a single-player bandwidth network. Note that this also assumes you are the only one using the internet speed and are not streaming videos or on a call or server.

Internet Speed File Size Download Time
3 Mbps 70 GB 60 hours
4 Mbps 70 GB 40 hours
100 Mbps 70 GB 100 minutes

The internet speed you use when downloading a file on your PC has a big effect. According to this graph, the file size at 70 GB is the same. However, your internet connection decides how fast or slow a file can download, and will it take a few minutes or days itself. While downloading games on your devices like PlayStation 5th Edition, you have no disc drive, which ultimately means that you will have to download your game.

Given Below Are A Few Tips To Get Good Internet Speed For Gaming

  • With an Ethernet cable, connect your Personal Computer or console to your network immediately.
  • If you’re going to stream, it is always good to make a backup of your playthroughs to post them later. If you’re going to Livestream, you’ll form a hundred percent need more Mbps.
    check internet speed
    check internet speed
  • Other devices that should be disconnected should disconnect other devices to avoid hogging your bandwidth. 
  • Request the other people sharing the Internet with you to refrain from using it for streaming music, youtube or Netflix, while you game.
  • You can either download or upgrade your existing games at night since they will take time.
  • Reset your game consoles and router.

Tips To Optimize Your Internet Connection

Below are some tips to optimize your internet connection.

Internet Speed & Ping Latency

First and foremost, you must have a reliable wired broadband connection. If you want a nice gaming experience, stay away from wireless Internet and 3G/4G/5G. If you have a wired broadband connection, such as fiber or copper, you may verify the latency to google or Cloudflare DNS, and if the latency is excellent, your ISP has strong connections till you.

wired broadband connection
wired broadband connection

Note: Your ISP’s support plan doesn’t cover gaming server ping or latency, so if you have decent numbers, you’re set to go; if not, wait for it to correct itself; if it continues to be a problem for many days, contact your ISP.

Play on Ethernet LAN Connected Computer

ethernet lan connected (improve internet speed for gaming)
ethernet lan connected (improve internet speed for gaming)

 If an Ethernet connection is available, it is always preferable to wifi. A cable connection will always give more constant speeds and reduced latency, regardless of how good your connection and router are.

Router MTU Settings

routers mtu settings
routers mtu settings

Check your router’s MTU settings and modify them to 1500 if they’re set to 1480 or 1492.

Reposition Your Router

make sure your router is connected to the pc
Make sure your router is connected to the PC

Ensure your machine is close to your router if you can’t play through wifi because your computer or laptop doesn’t have an ethernet LAN adapter. Any distance or object, such as a wall or a device, can ruin your experience.

Change Wifi Channel

change the wifi channel (improve internet speed for gaming)
change the wifi channel (improve internet speed for gaming)

Find the clearest wifi channel in your house using the Android app wifi Analyzer and configure that channel in your router.

Use A Good Enterprise Router

If you truly want to enjoy the ideal gaming experience, you should only utilize high-quality gaming routers.

asus ax3000
asus ax3000

Here are a few of our suggestions: ASUS AX3000, ASUS ROG 2900, Netgear Orbi, and ASUS XT8 are available models.

Enable Gaming QoS In Router

enable oqs
to enable oqs

Once you’ve got a solid router, it’s time to set up QoS for gaming so you can have the greatest experience possible.

Turn Off Other Devices or Disconnect

disconnect other devices (improve internet speed for gaming)
disconnect other devices (improve internet speed for gaming)

It’s best to utilize a separate gaming connection rather than sharing one with the rest of the household. If you do, you should remove all of your devices from the router’s DHCP allocated list and use the gaming PC when playing.

Play In Your Closest Server Location

play in your closest server
play in your closest server

It is generally advisable to select the nearest gaming server for your game. If you’re in India and want to play the game ABC, you should hunt for servers in metropolitan and other cities.

Change DNS

dns servers (improve internet speed for gaming)
dns servers (improve internet speed for gaming)

Google and Cloudflare are recommended DNS servers to use.

Reboot ISP Device & Router

reboot router (improve internet speed for gaming)
reboot router (improve internet speed for gaming)

If none of the above works, reset everything and give the devices a 15-minute pause before restarting.


1. Why is it that a quicker internet connection is better for gaming?

Many games require you to download game patches, regular updates, or new files to your PC to keep playing. Of course, you’ll want fast connections and minimal latency when playing online, so you don’t lag.

2. Does my data cap have an impact on my gaming?

Data limitations are a typical feature of internet services. When you exceed your data limits, you may be forced to pay extra for your Internet or endure slow speeds. 


The article here talks about what good internet speed for gaming is and how a number of various factors depend on it, such as the number of people who use the Internet, single-player or multiplayer games, and if we use other factors gaming. It also answers the question “what is a good Mbps for gaming,” which for a single player and user is 3 to 8 Mbps. There are also a few tips on optimizing our Internet, and general FAQs answered.

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