Huawei Router IP Address, Login And Complete Guide

To log in into the web-based user interface of the Huawei router IP or any router for instance you will require the IP address of your router device.  Most people never know the IP address of their router because in most cases, the need never arises.

You will need your IP address when you will be setting up your router for the very first time. And as routers are mainly set up by technicians or experts, we never trouble ourselves with such knowledge. But if you want to log in to the router admin page, knowing the IP address of your router is a must.

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How To Know The Huawei Router IP Address?

All the details about your Router are mentioned in the instruction manual provided at the time of purchase. Try looking up the IP address of the router in the instruction manual. But if you do not wish to go through the entire manual, there are other options available as well. Knowing the IP address of your router is no rocket science, by following these simple steps you will be able to know the IP address of your router device.

If you have a Windows device, connect your device with the internet through your home connection, through your router. After it gets connected with the internet, press the Windows key and R key together.

Doing this will initiate a command that will present a prompt on the screen. On the prompt screen type “cmd” on the space provided in the box and hit enter. 

cmd run
Run cmd

Upon entering the enter key, another prompt screen will appear on the screen. On this prompt screen type “ipconfig.” And then press the enter key again.

ipconfig cmd huawei router ip
Type ipconfig on CMD
ipconfig cmd enter huawei router ip
Press enter

As soon as you hit the enter key, complete details of your connection will appear on the screen. Look for the term “Default Gateway.” Note down the numbers mentioned next to Default Gateway, these series of 4 numbers separated by a dot is our required IP address. The IP address is also referred to as the Default Gateway in Windows devices.

Here are a few default Huawei router IP addresses used as login IP addresses for s. 

Try logging in through one of these IP addresses, most probably one among the three should be the Huawei router IP for you.

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How To Find The Username And Password?

You can either try looking for the default username and password in the instruction manual or you can even look for the same on your Huawei router.

Most routers have their username and password printed on them. Look for this either on the back of the router or at the base of the router. Most probably, you will find all such details on the router itself.

The Default Username And Password Combinations


Username Password  
admin superonline/vdf.0542
admin admin
user user
vodafone/admin vodafone/admin
Admin admin
vodafone/admin vodafone/admin1234


Username Password  
root admin


Username Password  
admin admin

If even after trying to log in multiple times, you are unable to login successfully, then maybe the password has been changed. In such cases, you have to enter the new password, trying to log in through the Default password won’t help. And if you don’t remember your password, you have to reset the router to reset the password.

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How To Reset Your Password?

Search for a small hole like button on your router, that is your reset button. You will require either a toothpick or a pin to press the reset button. Hold the button for 20 to 30 seconds to reset the router. Once, the Huawei router is reset you can now login to the Huawei Router IP address using the default username and password combination.

How To Login?

To login into the Huawei home gateway follow the following steps:

Step 1: Get hold of your device. A device that can be connected to the internet such as a laptop or a mobile phone or your computer or even tablets will work.

Step 2: Connect your device to the Internet. Make sure you are connected with the Ethernet or the LAN cable instead of using the Wireless network. It is advisable to use the LAN cable or the Ethernet cable instead of the wireless network because the connection is much more stable and reliable. If your connection is lost midway while making any changes, your settings won’t be saved and you will have to go through the entire process again. So better use the wired network.

Step 3: Launch a browser on your system or device.

Step 4: On the search bar of your browser type the IP address for router .

For eg

And then press the enter key.

huawei router ip
Huawei Router IP Login

Step 5: You will be redirected to the home gateway or the web-based user interface of your Huawei Router. There you will be asked to enter your router details such as username and password, enter the details correctly and then click on the login button. You will now be logged in to the admin page of your router. 

Now you will get all options for customising your home network and also all the connection details will be mentioned there. 

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How To Change The WiFi Name And Password?

In the drop-down menu where all the settings are listed for Huawei Router, look for “Network.”

Click on the Network option and then proceed.

Then look for the option “WLAN” and again click on this option.

There you will see the SSID settings, click on the settings and now you can change the name of your WiFi which will be visible when someone tries to connect to your WiFi. Now you can change the password of your WiFi.

Here, it is advisable that you should keep a customised password and not easy to guess passwords that can be easily guessed by anyone.

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This was all about Huawei router IP .We hope this article was helpful to you. Thank you for staying till the end!

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