How To Find Out Someone’s IP Address?

There can be a valid reason for one to find out someone’s IP address, like a secure connection of two devices or accessing a business network. You might want to trace someone’s IP address or blacklist the same, or even access the user’s location of the IP address.

You may be aware of how to find out your IP address on your device, but not how to find out someone else’s IP address. There are a few ways by which you can do so. Listed below are some of the methods for finding an IP address. 

You could need to link two devices or grant someone access to your company’s network. You want to hide your identity while blocking a device or IP address. Or you want to track down someone online to learn where they are in real life. Very few techniques exist for locating an IP address, whether for a webpage or a specific device.

How Can I Know The IP Address Of Someone?

You can know the IP address of someone by following the given steps. They can tell you how to find out someone’s IP address.

Making use of the Command Prompt

If you want to know how to find out someone’s IP address, you can use the command prompt on a Windows device to find a website’s IP address. The terminal is located in the Accessories folder on Mac computers. 

how to find someone's ip address with command prompt
command prompt

The device with an IP address you’re looking for will try to connect to your device using a ping. For instance, you would write “ping” and enter to get Facebook’s IP addresses.

Examine an incoming email’s header

E-mail is the best source to check and find out someone’s IP address, as it can be easily found by an embedded function of the e-mailing program. This will require you to have an E-mail or a message recovered from the person whose IP address you are looking for.

Most email systems provide a tool that can find IP address information. The most important item to check for is the information in the “headers” of an email. It’s essential to remember that header information isn’t always reliable and might even be a hoax. But how to find e-mail headers? There is an option called ‘internet headers’ or simply ‘headers’ in the settings of your e-mail application.

As soon as you turn this option on, it will display much more information than it used to. Well, remember that the location may vary depending on the e-mail service you use. But also, you need to remember that you can completely trust the information displayed as, at times, scammers can falsify their headers and hide their IP address by using advanced privacy settings.

Use an IP lookup tool online.

This is the most convenient way to find someone’s IP address by using any available IP lookup tools available over the internet. For example, you can try or just to provide it the IP address, and it will show all the results of a free public registry. 

The results and the websites are primarily accurate and legitimate but, at times, may be questionable. So be sure to verify the results of the IP address information to confirm its accuracy.

Is A VPN Traceable?

Yes, one can be traced and tracked Via VPN. Well, that is really difficult to do – but it also depends on what you are doing as the user. The most common ways to be traced are- even the VPN might not be the barrier to them. 

  • Malware
  • IP address
  • Cookies
  • DNS leak
  • Logging into accounts
  • Digital fingerprints
  • Doxxing

The IP address is not the only identifier over the internet, so using a VPN only isn’t the solution to save yourself from being traced.

If you connect to a free VPN, can you track it?

Free VPNs must find a way to support themselves, and one common way is by selling your personal information to outside parties. Some free VPN service providers record and check your general connection data while maintaining connection logs. Your IP address, IP address of the webpage you’re attempting to access, duration of the connection, and the volume of data exchanged are all included in this.

What Can Police Do With IP Address?

If anyone is involved in any cybercrime and needs to be found out, well, then this is the most powerful tool for the Police to find the criminal. More importantly, it’ll help the Police trace the criminal’s location. The Police will look for the IP address used for the crime and then approach the internet service provider. The ISPs have all the accounts and know everything about the websites you’ll visit, surfing over the internet, and all the other contact details.


What Can Police Do With IP Address?



Who are ISPs? You can receive internet service from anyone. AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, or any other regional ISP are all possible candidates. Users of these providers of internet services are given IP Addresses. As a result, they record the IP addresses that they assign. Additionally, your ISP is aware of all the websites you visit, the Internet activities you engage in, and other information. Even your phone number.

The Police will ask about the location of the IP address, and the ISP will have to provide it without any delay or excuse. And soon after this, the criminal can expect a knock on their door. 

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 Can you Track Location By Phone Number?

Yes, of course, one can track location with the phone number. The mobile numbers are designed in a way that they can be traced without any hassle over GPS or Wifi. The mechanism of cellular signals provides access to the device’s real-time location and shows the particular location of a device on the map. The gist of the answer is that you can locate a phone by number. Reverse phone lookup services are necessary. These programs do have some restrictions, though. Only an approximate area location, which isn’t usually precise, can be displayed by reverse phone lookup services. In real-time, they are unable to track the phone. 

How Do I Use Gmail To Find Someone’s IP Address?

If you want to know how to find out someone’s IP address, then checking the email headers is the simplest method described in many web blogs for locating a sender’s IP address. Yet, Gmail does not allow you to view the actual IP address of the email sender.

how to find out someone's ip address with email

Due to the potential sensitivity of email IP addresses, Gmail does not disclose the email IP address of the sender. You cannot see the precise IP address of the email sender; you only have access to the IP address of the Google servers since Google will use its service to process the email.


How do I access someone's IP address on messenger?

If you want to know how to find out someone's IP address, you can use the Facebook messenger/chat program to do so. You must first connect with the person; this connection should be open; thus, using Facebook's built-in chat feature is the ideal choice. After starting a chat session, keep it open while you launch the Command Prompt program or Utility tool. Enter netstat -an after starting this tool and pressing Enter. After a little delay, the end user's IP address should appear if you are still communicating with them.

Is IP tracking illegal?

IP tracking enables companies and organizations to generate leads and understand their internet audiences. It is only permitted in B2B marketing, not in person-to-person advertising. IP addresses are considered personal information when referring to people in the United States; if the IP address relates to a company, it is public information. IP addresses are used by businesses to identify other companies visiting their website. Many data regulations on how IP addresses must be classed have not yet been determined. Your IP won't reveal your identity when you browse the web on your phone, and your IP address is the only information a company may get from you.

Do phone numbers have IP addresses?

Your mobile has an IP address, like other internet-connected devices. This lets websites send messages to your phone and instruct other devices where to find you. Some people don't give importance to their IP addresses because they change so.

Does your IP address show your location?

Your machine receives Internet traffic via the IP address, and it does not divulge your location, to be precise. Obtaining your IP address might let someone learn about your Broadband service, such as the service you use to access the internet. But, they would not be able to identify you, your house, or your place of business.

How do I know if my IP address is being monitored?

The Netstat command performs best when the smallest number of open programs are used. Your computer's Internet Protocol (IP) locations that it is transmitting data to are listed by the Netstat program. To create a listing of all outgoing transmitting data, type netstat next to the query and hit Enter.

How can I find someone's location without them knowing?

Installing a spy app on the target person's phone allows you to track their location without them being aware. These phone spying apps track most targeted phone actions, including calls, SMS messages, location data on Google maps, web history, and activity on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Telegram.

Can you track someone on Google Maps without them knowing?

Whenever anyone checks your location, Android and iOS on iPhone don't alert or provide any other feedback. When location services use GPS, a short icon is visible in the notification bar. Various applications or system operations can start a location check, and only your mobile network provider has ongoing tracking capabilities.

How can I trace someone for free?

In the internet age, you can look someone up without their knowledge, which is straightforward and cost-free. You can use all available social media channels; many search engines are available.

Can you go to jail for IP grabbing?

No explicit rule forbids someone from using an IP capturing tool to target you. Like your home address or phone number, your IP address is public knowledge. But what an individual does use your IP address for may be against the law.

Is DDosing a friend illegal?

All they require is your IP address to DDoS you. A hacker can use your IP address to flood your device with fake traffic, forcing it to detach from the internet or even shut down. 08-Nov-2021 Launching a DDoS assault against another individual or company is prohibited, whether you're doing it to get bad customer service or amuse a buddy.

Is it illegal to boot someone offline?

Yes, there are booter services that leverage the strength of a botnet to block a user's access to the internet by overburdening their link with traffic. There is little you can do about the fact that the services are unlawful and that the persons who manage them get arrested.

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What is the best free app to track a phone?

One of the most well-liked free mobile phone tracking apps is MobileTracker. You can manage data and keep an eye on your phone with the free basic plan. Calls can record, and who can take screenshots?

Which spy app is best?

The perfect tool for parental control, mSpy has all the necessary capabilities. You can watch every keystroke, mouse click, social network chat, and uploaded photo. Without notice, it offers all these surveillance features. Its primary purpose as a parental control tool is what sets it apart from the other apps on the list.

How much is mSpy a month?

If you want to download mSpy onto a mobile device, you have three basic subscription choices to choose from:

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You now own all the resources necessary to conduct a trustworthy IP trace or discover someone’s IP address whenever necessary. You know the help others can use to locate you, though.

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