How to Find a Scammer’s IP Address?

In today’s world, Cybercrime and fraud have been increasing among the tech-savvy youth with the evolution of technology ever since its introduction. We have you covered if you want to know how to find a scammer’s IP address.

Internet and technology have been our saviors throughout the global pandemic that made life easier with access to global communication, shopping, payment, and transactions, and even in the world of education and entertainment. 

But, this doesn’t end here. All the above has also increased Cybercrime and malicious activities over the internet, making it essential to know what slight information is being leaked and exposed to online threats. One such method is a scammer’s IP address. 

How do I Trace an IP Address?

IP address tracing can give you access to much information. It’ll give you packets of where your information is going and the IP addresses of all the devices your computer is connected to. 

ip address

Listed below are the steps you can use to trace an IP address. If you want to know how to find a scammer’s IP address, keep reading.

Via Command Prompt 

  • Launch the Command Prompt 
  • Ping the website you wish to trace 
  • Run’ tracers’ command on IP
  • Put the IPs on an IP Lookup tool like 

 Via E-mail 

  • Go to options in E-mail 
  • Open raw e-mail data 
  • Find IP address  
  • Put the IPs on an IP Lookup tool like  

Can you Trace the IP Address Without WIFI?

Well, your phone doesn’t have an IP address if you are not connected to the internet. Android devices can have various local IP addresses. 

What Happens if a Scammer has Your IP Address?

Ip addresses may or may not leak sensitive information like your phone number, but yes, they can install a hacker into your life. If some criminal knows your IP address, it can be dangerous. 


  • A cybercriminal can track your location and intrude on your personal life. An IP address doesn’t give a precise location but informs about the city you are in. If you’ve informed everyone about a vacation, the criminal can do extra stalking and clear your house in your absence. 
  • A cybercriminal can hack your device. The thousands of ports linked to your IP address allow the hackers to occupy your phone without you knowing and steal all the information. Also, they can install malware if they get access to your phone. 
  • Even your ISP can reveal information about your IP address to anyone who can steal your information from your social media. 
  • Cybercriminals can involve you in illegal activities that can harm national security or something they don’t want to be traceable. Protect yourself and keep your IP address safe.  

Is IP Tracking Illegal?

IP tracking should have been illegal, but that is not. No law stops someone from tracing your IP address or not using an IP-grabbing tool. An IP address is much like public information, and IP address tracking is not illegal, but what they do with the information might be illegal. 

is ip grabbing illegal

If the person is using it to DDoS you, it is illegal, or if someone uses it to hack your device, that might also be considered illegal. Phishing attacks using IP addresses are illegal if they use it to find who is your internet service provider. 

So, it depends on how you use your IP address after identification. If you use it for illegal practices like harassment, stalking, DDos-ing, Cybercrime, attacks harming national security, and more, it is undoubtedly against the law. 

It is essential to secure and hide your IP address to prevent yourself from being exposed to scammers and cybercrimes.