10 Best Home Automation Ideas: A Journey Towards Luxury

We all have a dream house in our minds that we desire to build. We always keep imagining the type of bed we want, the type of kitchen we want, what the lights should be like, what the house’s theme is, and many more things. In short, we always keep dreaming about what the interior of the house should be like. We just want our house to be perfect in all aspects and be well equipped with top-end devices and that is where best home automation ideas come into action.

Many of us fulfill their dream of a perfect home equipped with top-end devices. But what is the use of these devices if you need to operate them manually? You need to control and monitor these devices all by yourself, which is very time-consuming. We often do not pay heed to the essential aspect in a house i.e., automation. A perfect house is not as perfect without automation, right? But, where to start with? Don’t you worry? We have the solution to this question as always. But first, let’s get a brief idea about home automation.

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Home Automation Ideas

Basically, home automation ideas means having control of all the devices in your house on your smartphones. You can control and monitor these devices by just a click on your phone from anywhere in the world. In-home automation, almost everything connects to a remotely controllable network, and on click, they function automatically according to the order given. Home automation is essential from a security point of view. Home automation is the pioneer of the IoT (Internet of things) era. In IoT, every device has an IP address assigned to it and can be remotely handled.

Now that we know what home automation is let’s come back to the solution. In this manuscript, we have listed down the ten best ideas for automating your house, which will help you get started with the art of home automation.

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So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Smart Blinds

What if you can open your blinds every morning without even getting out of your bed? Well, now you can! Motorized smart blinds save you time and help you secure your home when you’re awake. It’s also a sustainable way to boost energy efficiency and save you money in the process.

smart blinds
smart blinds

You can set your smart blinds as you want. For example, you can set your blinds to align with the sun’s movement to maximize natural light usage.

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Smart Fans

Another best home automation idea to save energy is by utilizing smart fans to regulate the temperature of your house. There are certain apps that help you automate the heating or cooling of the smart fans according to the temperature outside.

Smart fan
Smart fan

For example, the fan releases cool air during summers and hot air during winters.

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Smart Laundry

Smart washers and dryers are very useful home automation ideas. Again, there are mobile apps that can remotely activate and deactivate the washers and dryers.

smart laundry
smart laundry

The apps can also determine the best cycle and temperature for your load, which helps sustain your clothes’ quality, which will ultimately reduce your wardrobe waste.

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Smart Vacuum

Smart robot vacuums help you keep your floors stainless and clean. This robot maps the entire floor of your house and finds out the best path to clean each room.

smart vaccumm
smart vacuum

You can configure it to clean the floors regularly after a certain time period. After the robot cleans your house, it returns back to its docking station to recharge. This is considered to be one of the best home automation ideas till now.

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Smart Lighting

These lights are a literal paradise and one of the home automation ideas! These are not just ordinary light bulbs; they change colors. They come with smart wireless dimmer switches. Smart Lighting can be synced with music, video games, and movies.

smart lighting
smart lighting

They can also be scheduled to come on whenever you want them to and all this at just a click of a button or with voice commands. These are a must-have in every smart house.

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Smart Security System

This home automation ideas consists a fully automatic security system for your house and you can control and monitor it using your mobile phones.

smart security
smart security

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It comprises of different devices like:

Smart Alarms

It consists of a guard which acts as an alarm, keypad, and motion sensor. You can arm your house in several ways. One of the ways is to enter a code into the guard keypad or to arm and disarm your house; you can use the tag. All you have to do is tap it against the guard when you’re leaving or entering your house. But an easier way is to arm and disarm it using the phone app.

smart alarm
smart alarm

Another part of these alarms is the sensors for windows, doors, and rooms. If you’re not home and the house is armed when the sensors detect motion, you’ll get an alert notification on your mobile phone, and the alarm will start ringing, alerting your security monitor and service.

Smart Cams

In addition to the smart alarms, you can install smart cameras throughout the inside and outside of your house. These cameras help you monitor everything that goes inside and outside your house right from your phones.

smart cam
smart cam

For example, you can keep an eye on your pet. You can watch the footage live or go back and re-watch old footage. The app will actively send notifications on your phone when it detects activity.

Smart Doorbells

The next part of the security system is the smart doorbells.

smart doorbell
smart doorbell

The advantage of this doorbell is that it acts both as a doorbell and a security camera. You can also talk through the doorbell.

Smart Locks

These locks can be accessed through phone apps. They come very handy. For example, if you’re not home and you want to unlock the door for somebody to let them inside, you can just do it from your phone.

smart lock
smart lock

This entire security system is fully automatic and can be controlled and monitored remotely. It helps keep your house safe and secure and all this entirely through your mobile phone.

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Smart Thermostat

Another one of best home automation ideas is smart thermostat. This learns your habits and creates a personalized schedule for you.

smart thermostat
smart thermostat

You can control your smart thermostat right from your phone, which is really great for saving money and energy, especially when you’re not home.

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Smart Fridge

One of the most preferred home automation ideas is smart fridge. This puts a modern twist on old traditional usage in an attempt to keep refrigerators relevant for this day and age.

smart fridge
smart fridge

It helps you manage not only your food but also your life. Smart does this via the ability to connect a smart device. It also comes with large touch screens that have apps and voice assistants built-in.

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Smart Speakers

This home automation idea called smart speakers can be built throughout your house. You can connect these speakers to your music devices.

smart speaker
smart speaker

You can play music and videos through the speakers, and you can control it through your device’s app on your phones.

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Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are the best home automation ideas hacks to convert your regular plugs into smart plugs. All you have to do is plug the smart plug into your regular plug and then plug some device into it and voila! You have a smart plug. These can be used for TVs, kitchen appliances, computers, and other electronic devices that the phone can’t control. Now, you can turn on and off these devices remotely to help save energy and money.

smart plug
smart plug

Have you ever heard about vampire power? It refers to appliances that leak energy even when they aren’t in use. Smart plugs prevent that. The connectivity stats can be checked on your mobile phones to monitor how much energy is used.

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These are the top 10 home automation ideas, according to us. The process of choosing the right smart devices for home automation is a very tedious task. There is a large pool of devices available in the market. Choosing the correct devices is essential for having a perfectly automated house. We hope these ten ideas come handy and make your job to make the optimal choice easy. Thank you, and happy automating. Adios!

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