Cisco Router Login – A Complete Guide

Let us discuss how to perform Cisco router login in this article. Read along and by the end of this article you will be able to login to your Cisco router.

Cisco Routers : History

Cisco Systems is a multinational company based in America. This company deals in the development and manufacture and sales of networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology equipment.

The company was founded by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner both of whom were computer scientists at the University of Stanford. They were the ones who pioneered the concept of what we now call LAN (Local Area Network) which is being used to connect to geographically disparate computers with the help of routers.

Cisco routers are used all over the world. Cisco Routers are so famous over other routers because they are easy to set up. Moreover, they are basic in a good way. The capacity of the CPU and its resistance is another plus point. It is easy to configure and use. All in all, it is the best cost-effective solution, has a quick response service, and has low-cost maintenance.

In this article we will assist you to know the various ways and steps while logging into a Cisco router is mentioned quickly.

Almost all routers have a built-in web-based user interface page that allows you to customize settings and also set up advanced settings. To log in to the web-based admin page of the router, you need to first make sure that your router is powered on and you are connected with your router via the Ethernet cable via and of the four ports. Avoid connecting through wireless Wi-Fi, though you can also connect through Wi-fi, connecting through the Ethernet cable is more recommended.  To be able to login or even get into the web-based setup page, you require the IP address of the concerned router in this case, cisco router login.

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How To Know The IP Address Of The Cisco router?

  • Connect your computer or laptop with the Ethernet cable.
  • Press the Windows key and “R” key together.
  • This will redirect a prompt to appear on the screen. Type “cmd” in the prompt.
cmd run
Run cmd
  • Another prompt will appear on the screen, type “ipconfig”
ipconfig cmd
Type ipconfig on CMD
ipconfig cmd enter
Press enter
  • Note down the series of numbers mentioned next to the Default Gateway, that is the IP address of your router.

Some Default IP Cisco router addresses used by the Cisco systems for their routers are mentioned below. You can even try these Cisco router IP address and see if it works for you.

Ways to Login

Now that you have the IP address of your router, proceed with the next few steps to log in to the web-based user interface of your Cisco router. These are the most user-friendly ways for cisco router login.

Step 1: Open any browser of your choice on your laptop or computer.

Step 2: Type in the IP address in the search bar of the browser. (The most common IP address used by the Cisco routers is

Cisco Router Login
Cisco Router Login

Step 3: The IP address should automatically redirect you to the web-based user interface of Cisco Routers.

Step 4: There you will see two blank spaces in the box next to username and password. Type in the username and password. You should be able to find the username and password on the back of the router or could even check the base of your router. The user manual provided with the router also carries such details in it.

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Some Default Username And Password Combinations

If the IP address of your router is 192. 168.1.1 you can use one of these usernames and password combinations.

Username: admin

Default password: admin

Default Username: cisco

Password: cisco

If the IP address of your router is you can try the following username and password combinations.

Username: Cisco

Default password: Cisco

Default Username: admin

Password: password

If the IP address of your router is, then you can try Cisco router login by using the below-mentioned Default username and password combinations.

Default username: admin

Default password: 1PTV-ADM1N

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If Nothing Works, What To Do?

If none of this works for you then chances are that your password might have been changed, in such cases logging in via the Default username and password won’t work for you. You will need to log in using the new username and password combination that your system recognises for Cisco WIFI router login .

If you don’t remember your password then you have to reset the router back to its default factory settings. But, you should keep in mind that when you reset the router, every other setting of the router will turn back to default and not just the username and password. What it means is that you will have to again configure the router from the scratch. All the network configuration settings will be lost. To set up the router you will need to physically connect it with the router through the Ethernet cable and that is also a reason why a Wi-Fi connection is not suitable. 

Reset Button
Reset Router

Once you log in to the homepage of the router admin page using the default username and password, we highly recommend that you change your Cisco Default Password. Though it is not mandatory, it is to make the Cisco router login safe and secure because with the default settings anyone can log in using your default username and password.

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How To Change The Wi-Fi Password?

Go to Cisco router login page.

After logging in, try to find the Quick set up menu.

The newer editions of Cisco routers have these settings where you can directly access the changing password settings through the Quick Set up.

Quick set up menu Cisco router
Quick Set Up Menu Cisco Router

But if you don’t find this option, try searching for Wireless or Wireless Security.

Change Cisco Router Wifi Password
Change Cisco Router Wifi Password

Under this option, you will be able to see various settings.

Search for the Wifi password field. It may also be referred to as Network Key, so do not get confused.

Once you find the option, click on the option which says change Wi-Fi password. After entering your password twice, click on save or apply to save the changes.

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This was it about how to perform Cisco router login. We sincerely hope this article was helpful to you. We welcome any kind of feedback that would help us improve. Have a great day!

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