Asus Rt-N66u Setup Guide For Beginners | In-Depth Guide

ASUS is an internationally reputed computer brand and consumer electronics firm based in Taiwan founded in 1989. ASUS is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and gaming brand and a top-three consumer laptop and router vendor dedicated to inventing new products. The article will discuss the Asus rt-n66u setup and the Asus rt-n66u default login. You can also check out how to log in to your router here.

All About Asus Rt-N66u Router Setup

The ASUS RT-N66U comes with security flaws outside the device. Here’s how to safeguard your new wireless router after it’s been set up. The ASUS RT-N66U is one of the most renowned 802.11 wireless routers on the market, but with good reason: it’s fast and powerful for the money. It is also quite simple to connect it to the internet thanks to Quick Internet Setup. However, like many other ASUS routers, it has a serious security weakness that can only be fixed with a firmware upgrade. But, this should not deter users. It’s easy to get your ASUS RT-N66U online and secure, and it can take as little as ten to fifteen minutes. It is easy to do and read the steps given below to set up your Asus router. Get to know about Asus RT-AC66U router login also.

Not all the versions of the Asus router can be supported. So ensure that you are using the Asus router that is different from the models mentioned below:-

  • DSL-AC88U
  • DSL-AC88U-B
  • DSL-AC3100
  • DSL-AC87VG
  • DSL-AC68VG
  • DSI-N55U_A1,
  • DSL-N55U_B1
  • DSL-N10_B1
  • DSL_N12U_B1
  • DSL-N10S_B
  • DSL-N10S
  1. Connect the RJ45 wire to the router’s WAN port.Router login
  2. Connect the AC adapter to the DC-IN port on your wireless router and plug it into a power outlet.Power button
  3. Once connected to the power source, remember to push the Power button to switch on the router.

Download and Install the ASUS Router App

  1.  To download the ASUS Router app, either go to the iOS App Store or Google Play and browse for it or scan the QR code with your phone.Download asus
  2. Click on this link.
  3. App Store requires versions of ios 8.0 and later. This will be compatible with various Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPods, etc.

Setting Up with Android Devices

  1. Log in to the router’s default network (SSID). ASUS XX is the network name (SSID).
  2. Connect to the network using the SSID listed on the back of the router’s product label.connect to network
  3. Note that the location of labels varies depending on the model.
  4. For example, the 2.4GHz WiFi Name(SSID) is ASUS, while the 5GHz WiFi Name(SSID) is ASUS 5G. It’s printed on the back of your router’s label.
  5. Launch the ASUS Router application.Launch app
  6. Select the setup option.setup option
  7. Select Asus Router.Select asus router
  8. A pop up will show up if you want the device to access your location. Select allow.Select allow
  9. Select the Start option.
  10. Set up the internet type based on the internet network condition.【Connection type – Automatic IP】: Tap “Next”.Internet typeNote:– PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet): Tap “Next” after entering the user name and password given by the ISP.Note: If you’re unsure about your user name or password, contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) with whom you have a contract.
  11. Tap “Next” after entering the network name (SSID) and password. Note: Tick the boxes for each band’s configuration if you wish to set up 2.4GHz and 5GHz separately.
  12. Tap “Next” after entering your user name and password.Login
  13. A login name and password are required when visiting the router configuration page. Open the home screen after completing the setup, and a remote connection pop-up displays. Select “OK” to accept or “Cancel” to decline on your network condition.remote connection
  14. Note: Choose “OK” if you want to browse from the outside world. If the home screen does not appear, go to your device’s settings and select a new wireless network before returning to the ASUS router app.

Ensuring finishing all the steps mentioned above will result in a successful Asus rt-n66u setup.
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Setting Up on an iPhone

  1.  Log in to the router’s default network (SSID). iphone ssid
  2. Install the Asus router app on the phone
  3. Give access to the app to share the location. Choose to allow while using the app, although you can also use “allow always”. Allow iphone
  4. Give access for Bluetooth permission. Allow bluetooth
  5. Select setup.
  6. Choose the Asus Router option.
  7. Select the start option.
  8. Based on the internet network condition, set up the internet type.

【Connection type – Automatic IP】: Tap “Next”.

  1. Tap on the Next option.
  2. Insert the credential details like username and password. Again select the next option.
  3. Tap “Next” after entering the network name (SSID) and password.

Note:- Tick the checkbox for each band’s setup if you wish to set up 2.4GHz and 5GHz separately.

  1. Enter your credential details (It is compulsory that you log in with username and password because if you cannot log in, you will not set up your router.
  2. After completing the setup, open the home screen, and a remote connection pop-up displays. Depending on the state of your network, select “Accept” or “Decline.” remote connection
  3. Choose “Accept”.

Note:- If the home screen does not appear, go to your device’s settings and select a new wireless network before returning to the ASUS router app.

Ensuring finishing all the steps mentioned above will result in a successful Asus rt-n66u setup.

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What are some unique features of this router?

The ASUS EA-N66 is a 3-in-1 dual-band ethernet adapter that supports the wireless-N 450 standards and includes three essential features: Ethernet adapter mode, Access point mode, and Repeater mode. Its compact, pyramid-like, yet practical shape appealed to us.

What is the feature present under the advanced features section?

The firewall feature is present under the advanced features section. (Note:-This router provides a plethora of Firewall options, all of which are easily customizable by the user. Its 'URL filter' and 'Keyword filter' function flawlessly. Also with 'Network Services Filter Table' it has a vast list of parameters for the 'Network Services Filter'.)

What should I do if I do not know my credentials to log in for the Asus Router setup?

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you forgot your credentials like password and username to login to your Asus Router.

What is the procedure for obtaining the Utility (or Firmware)?

The ASUS Download Center has drivers, software, firmware, and user manuals.


This article talks about the Asus router login rt n66u. It provides a list of lengthy, in-depth steps that you need to sit and perform over the time of ten or fifteen minutes. In addition, it also contains the default IP address that you require to go to the page on the web browser that you are using to perform the Asus router login and set up. Over that, again, the FAQs section answers the questions that people might frequently have. In case the steps mentioned in the article fail to work, you will have to contact the dealer from whom you bought the router for assistance and immediate help to do the Asus rt-n66u setup. You can also check out how to log in to your Dlink router here.